Key Tower Hamlets Information

Boroughwide Plans

Tower Hamlets Strategic Plan 2018-21 - this is the newest version of the boroughwide plan, which was developed by the Tower Hamlets Partnership.  The Plan has three main priorities:

  1. People are aspirational, independent and have equal access to opportunities
  2. A borough that our residents are proud of and love to live in
  3. A dynamic, outcomes-based Council using digital innovation and partnership working to respond to the changing needs of our borough

Tower Hamlets Community Engagement Strategy 2018-21 - has four key outcomes:

  • communities lead the way in making Tower Hamlets a great place to live
  • communities have the power to influence issues that affect them
  • activities to involve communities are focused and purposeful
  • Tower Hamlets is digitally active

Tower Hamlets Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is a process through which the council's social care services (Education, Social Care and Wellbeing) work together with public health and NHS services to assess the needs of the Tower Hamlets population and determine priorities for commissioning services.  Download the comprehensive summary document.

Tower Hamlets Council Consultation Page - contains links to live and past consultations

Tower Hamlets Population Data

London's Poverty Profile is an interesting and useful site.  See their Tower Hamlets pages for key facts about the borough.

Policy Reading

NCVO’s Third Sector Foresight (or 3S4) project looked at  the factors affecting public policy.  It’s been archived now but still contains a lot of useful information

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation funds and publishes research into a wide range of social issues.  Search by subject here

The Office for National Statistics contains a huge amount of information about population trends and particular issues affecting society.  Their guidance and methodology page is a good place to start

The Directory of Social Change policy,campaigns and research pages contain a wealth of interesting and useful reading.  Follow Jay Kennedy on Twitter for regular policy updates.

VolResource’s Policy, Research and Statistics page provides a typically clear overview and set of links

Third Sector magazine highlights stories and issues relevant to the voluntary sector and also sends out regular free mailings

Support organisations: