The following is a running list of all the grant sources we think might be of interest to Tower Hamlets organisations.  It is by no means a comprehensive list and it isn't in any particular order - please follow the links to find out more and utilise Funding Central and the London Community Foundation to undertake more detailed, tailored research.

Smaller grants

Arts Council
Runs a range of grants for the arts, from £1000 to £100,000.  Use their funding finder to see what's available.

Clarion Futures
Clarion Futures is the charitable foundation of Clarion Housing, the UK's largest social housing provider. Over the next 15 years Clarion Futures willl invest £150 million to deliver practical support, skills and opportunities to people living in their communities. See their brochure at the bottom of the page

Ford Britain Trust
Supports projects focusing on education, environment, children, the disabled, youth activities and projects that provide clear benefits to the local communities close to our UK locations. The Ford Britain Trust particularly encourages applications from Ford employees, but is open to all, provided that the qualifying organisations meet our selection criteria.
Small grants: up to £250, 4 times per year
Large grants: over £250, max £3,000. Considered by the Trustees twice a year.

A key part of the Mayor's Sports Legacy Programme, FreeSport in Association with Coca-Cola Zero ParkLives allows sports clubs, youth groups and community organisations to apply for grants to run free sport activities for Londoners.
Up to £1500


Metropolitan Public Gardens Association
Funds are available for help with a site or garden which has been neglected or where improvements are proposed.
Up to £1500

Tower Hamlets Sports Council
Promotes participation and achievement in sport within the borough by representing the interests of local sports clubs and individuals.  The executive committee meets four times a year.

Woodward Charitable Trust
Children and young people, prisoners and ex-offenders, disadvantaged women, disability projects, arts outreach work, projects that promote integration and community cohesion amongst minority groups, including refugees and travellers.  A separate scheme for children’s playschemes (up to £10000) is also available.
Small grants: £100-£5,000 (around 100 grants made per year). NB: only 9 grants for £3,000 or more were made in 2014/2015.

Tower Hamlets - Events Fund
Grants are available for help with the cost of public events and festivals which benefit the Tower Hamlets community.

Near Neighbours Fund
£250-£5000 to bring together neighbours, and to develop relationships across diverse faiths and ethnicities to improve their communities

Wakefield and Tetley Trust
Main Grants: for projects that make a positive difference to the lives of people who face significant disadvantage and have limited choices and opportunities.  Aimed at organisations with a turnover of less that £500,000
Average amount: £6,600  Deadlines: twice a year
Fast Track Programme:  targeted at organisations with a turnover of less than £350,000
Average amount: £2500  5 week assessment period

London Legal Support Trust
Charities providing free legal advice can apply for cost associated with seeting up new surgeries, keeping the doors open, one off capital costs, and development of legal advice agencies where none currently exist.
Amount:  £5000

Santander Discovery Grants
Grants must directly benefit disadvantaged people in the UK and must fall under one of three themes; explorer, transformer or changemaker.  Application is done by dropping nomination into a box at a Santander branch.
Amounts: £5000

London Catalyst
London Catalyst project grants target funding at initiatives that will tackle the effects of poverty and ill health. They will fund any reasonable and appropriate project cost.
Amount: £1000 - £5000
Deadline: 6 wk assessment period, committee meets June, Sept,  Dec

Hospital Saturday Fund
Funding for registered health charities in need of grants for medical projects, care, research or support of medical training.
Amounts: Standard up to £2000, large up to £10,000 
Partners for Health Programme grants (in partnership with London Catalyst) are available for work with people with long term health conditions, mental ill health and addictions.
Amount: up to £10,000

Affinity Sutton Community Grants
Projects must engage Affinity Sutton residents in positive activities or offer support services to Affinity Sutton residents or improves the environment and community space
£1000 - £5000
Two deadlines a year

Deutsche Bank small grants
Applications will only be accepted for projects that help society’s most disadvantaged and communities on the ground by reducing social isolation and improving wellbeing.
Maximum £5000

Church Urban Fund Together Grants
Grants for faith-based organisations to engage in social action, either for initiating or developing community work.  The work must be directly tackling poverty and the lead applicant must be faith-based
Maximum £5000

East End Community Foundation
EEF runs a range of small to medium size grants; check their website for details and deadlines.

Mercers Company
Family welfare, youth support work, care for the elderly and reducing isolation amongst older people

BBC Children in Need Small Grants
Children and young people of 18 years and under experiencing disadvantage through illness, distress, abuse or neglect, disability, behavioural or psychological difficulties, living in poverty or situations of deprivation

Larger Grants

London Councils

London Councils  have just launched Round 2 of the Community Employment Programme.

Funding of up to £20,000 is available per organisation and the plan is to fund up to 20 organisations in this round. Deadline for applications is: 9th November 2018, 12pm.

London Council’s will be delivering a workshop for those that are interested in submitting an application for the fund, on Thursday 25th October

Organisations can book a place at the workshop at the following link:

People’s Postcode Trust
Funding for projects that focus on the prevention of poverty, healthy living initiatives, upholding human rights and facilitating reconciliation projects which help disadvantaged or at-risk groups.  Registered charities can apply from £500 - £20,000 whilst other organisations may apply for up to £2,000

BBC Children in Need Main Grants
Open to charities and not-for-profit organisations applying for grants over £10,000 per year for up to three years

Transform Foundation
Up to £18,000 for technology and website development

Rose Foundation
For registered charities undertaking building projects (total cost less than £200,000).
Amounts: £5000 - £10,000

Golden Bottle Trust and the Bulldog Trust
"Grant-making strategy is based on the belief that those running smaller organisations are best placed to know what their charity needs to move forward. The Trust therefore sets no criteria for its grants but judges each application on its own merit."
Amount:  £1000 - £30,000

Youth Music Fund A & B
Youth Music’s grants programme provides funding for music-making projects in England, and is focussed on ‘musical inclusion’; i.e an approach to music learning that includes everyone and all types of music.
Amounts £2000 - £30,000

London Marathon Charitable Trust
The Trust actively seeks to support projects that help get people of all ages off the couch and trying out a wide range of sports and physical activities from archery to judo, from korfball to zumba.
Amount:  Small: £5,000 - £19,999, Major: £20,000 - £150,000

Sport Relief Dispossessed Fund
Grants are available to support work where there is clear evidence of benefit to people who are excluded or disadvantaged through low income, rural or social isolation, age, disability, race, sexuality or gender.
Amount: £5000 – £20,000

Lloyds Bank Foundation
Invest provides longer term core or delivery funding for charities which meet the programme aim and are delivering clear outcomes as a result of their work.
Enable provides shorter term grants to strengthen charities which meet the programme aim, helping them to deliver their mission more effectively.  NOTE - It is NOT a small grants programme.
Amount:  £10,000 - £25,000 (Invest), up to £15,000 (Enable)

Trust for London
Grants for projects focussed on employment, advice, social justice, violence, and small groups.
Amount: No minimum or maximum, usualy not more than £125,000
8 October, 4 February, 31 May by 1pm

London Housing Foundation
The Foundation is interested in finding new and better ways to tackle the problems of homeless people.  The top priority will be given to projects looking at migration and destitution.  The second priority will be given to projects dealing with criminal justice or health.
Amount: not clear; interested in ideas

Tesco Bags of Help
This scheme will fund capital projects (e.g parks, gardens and leisure spaces) that benefit the community and do not charge fees.
Amount:  £8000 - £12,000

Aldgate and All Hallows Foundation
Grants to schools and voluntary organisations for work that benefits children and young people under 25.
Max amount:  £30,000

City Bridge Trust
City Bridge Trust run a range of grants programmes including: ESOL, mental health, inclusivity, community safety, older Londoners, poverty, rehabilitation of offenders and voluntary sector support.
Amounts: No min or max, but grant cannot exceed 50% of an organisation's turnover/income in any one year
Meeting dates here

Fidelity UK Foundation
Grants are generally made to organisations with an annual operating budget in excess of £250,000, and are normally towards significant, transformational projects.
Min £10,000, most awards £25,000 - £100,000

Heritage Lottery Foundation Start up Grants
Grants are available to help you create a new organisation to look after heritage or engage people with it. The programme can also support existing groups taking on new responsibilities for heritage.
Max amount:  £30,000

Paul Hamlyn Foundation Youth Fund
The Youth Fund supports organisations whose main purpose is about helping young people (aged 14-25) in the most precarious positions, where making the transition to adult independence is most challenging, and those who are most vulnerable.
£10,000 - £60,000

Wooden Spoon
Funding for projects or physical assets that benefit children and young people under 25 years of age and disadvantaged by way of physical or mental disability or social deprivation – or any combination of the three.
Max amount:  £30,000

Tower Hamlets Emergency Grant Funding
The Emergency Funding Scheme is open to Tower Hamlets based organisations that are experiencing an unforeseen emergency which is placing either the organisation or a LBTH funded project at risk.
Up to £20,000

Weavers Company
Funding for work with young offenders, prisoners and ex-prisoners, and young disadvantaged people, especially those at risk of criminal involvement
Up to £15,000

Welcome Trust People and Society Awards
People Awards support public engagement projects that encourage the public to consider and debate issues raised by health and wellbeing research.
up to £40,00

Peter Harrison Foundation - Opportunities Through Sport
This programme is aims to support sporting activity or projects which provide opportunities for people who are disabled or otherwise disadvantaged to fulfil their potential and to develop other personal and life skills.  Registered charities only.


Social Investment

City Bridge Trust Stepping Stones