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ACEVO factsheets and publications on commissioning and procurement

ACEVO produces a wide range of resources and guides to support commissioning and procurement, including introductions to procurement and commissioning, a procurement dictionary, tendering support and involving small groups in public service delivery. The three first fact sheets are detailed below:

1. An Introduction to Commissioning and Tendering?

This fact sheet from ACEVO is the first publication from the ACEVO Procurement and Commissioning support service which is funded by Big Lottery Fund’s BASIS Programme. It serves as a basic introduction to the issues raised by the governmental procurement processes and what this means for the third sector.

 Introduction to Commissioning and Tendering

2. Really Intelligent Commissioning?

A second ACEVO factsheet written by Hilary Barnard for participants in the Leadership Enhancement Programme for Integrated Youth Support Services. Although the audience was youth services, the key points being made apply equally to other service areas where local authorities and other public bodies commission the third sector.

 Really Intelligent Commissioning

3. Involving small groups in public service delivery and engaging with procurement and commissioning opportunities?

Completing the trio, this third factsheet from ACEVO examines the barriers, which make it difficult for smaller third sector organisations to win contracts and get involved in public service delivery. It looks at what actions smaller groups can take to overcome barriers whilst making the most of the opportunities that are open to them.

 Involving Small Groups

For more factsheets

View ACEVO’s resources website for more factsheets on commissioning and procurement.

In July 2010 we held our first joint Third Sector Provider day. This document has been prepared jointly by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council and the Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust following a lengthy consultation process with a number of organisations.  It is aimed at assisting Third Sector Organisations to understand the procurement rules and processes that govern both of our organisations, but it should be noted that the document needs to be used in conjunction with the East London Network Commissioning and Procurement Fit for Purpose Toolkit.

This is effectively a ‘living document’ and we would appreciate any comments you may have about its usefulness etc.

Procurement Guidance for Third Sector Organisations

 TH Procurement Guidance